Hi, I’m Neelam

Welcome to my site and I am delighted to share a little about me here! There you GO!

I am a professional makeup artist and hair stylist trained by the some of the most renowned artists around the world. Qualified in interior designing and later turned to an artist because of my pure passion to make people look and feel beautiful and confident. My journey with makeup started when I was 18 years old and I started my Blog ” My Vanity Affair” which paved the way to finding my passion in makeup.

My mantra for makeup is for the skin to look like skin but better and enhance the individual’s natural features. I always work with this approach in my mind whenever I have a new face to work on.

Originating from Mumbai, I made Dubai my home 9 years ago. We are a family of 3 with 2 fur babies. Besides all things about beauty, I love reading, cooking and eating. I am a big believer in sharing my knowledge which has also led me to taking up small batches of Pro and Self Makeup courses. You can find the info on the Courses Page.

If you want to chat more feel free to reach out to me on [email protected]